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Code of Conduct

Souvenir Swing believes that West Coast Swing (and the dance community at large) is meant for anyone who wishes to engage with others in a healthy and safe way. In order to ensure that the space continues to be welcoming, we must be intolerant to the intolerance and lack of empathy of harmful individuals in the community.

Souvenir Swing heavily bases it's Code of Conduct based on recommendations from the following organizations:

SwingDiversity ( )

the Dancing Fools ( )

Souvenir Swing strives to create a fun and safe environment for people from all walks of life to learn and enjoy dancing. This entails coming to an agreement on the culture of our community and what is considered acceptable at our classes, dances, and other related events. The expectations outlined below apply to attendees, staff, and guest instructors or performers at any class, dance, or event hosted by Souvenir Swing. Conduct outside of Souvenir Swing events may be subject to the code of conduct if it poses a threat to the safety of other community members.

Community members have the right to:

  • Be free from threat of harm to their bodies and their property.

  • Express and enforce personal boundaries.

  • Choose who to accept an invitation to dance from and when.

  • Refuse or end a dance at any time without explanation.

  • Be free from unsolicited feedback or comments, including, but not limited to, feedback or comments regarding dance technique, clothing, movement choices, or facial expressions. Requesting adjustments for your safety is welcome and encouraged. While uncommon, you may give feedback if your partner has explicitly asked you to do so.

  • Be free from harassment, threats, and discrimination of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Offensive, derogatory, negative, discriminatory, or vulgar comments or behavior related to an individual’s race, age, level of dance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, physical appearance, religion, or anything else.

    • Microaggressions related to any of the above listed identities and attributes.

    • Talking over, heckling, or deliberately disrupting a class or event.

    • Persistent and unwelcome attention or advances.

    • Unwelcome or coerced physical contact in any capacity.

    • Any situation which makes another person feel unsafe or uncomfortable to the point of being unable to enjoy the event.

  • Respectfully express opinions in a way that:

    • Does not mock, ridicule, or demean individuals or groups.

    • Does not contain obscene, vulgar, or inflammatory statements.

    • Is not detrimental to the welfare of other community members.


Community members have a responsibility to:

  • Adhere to personal boundaries set by other community members.

  • Attend to other community members’ verbal and non-verbal cues (ex. changes in eye contact or facial expression, pulling away, tensing up) that may indicate a boundary crossing and to change their own behavior accordingly.

  • Gracefully accept when another community member refuses their invitation to dance.

  • Be aware of their surroundings and make choices that minimize the risk of injury.

  • Avoid performing lifts or aerials on the social floor. Lifts and aerials should only be executed by trained professionals during a performance.

  • Acknowledge and apologize for accidental injuries. Offer assistance for minor injuries and find a staff member if first aid is required.

  • Invite each other to dance clearly and kindly. “Would you like to dance?” or some variation thereof is generally safe; close friends may use a variety of noises and gestures to invite each other to dance.

  • Be aware of how their actions affect others and take responsibility for harm caused, even if their intentions were not malicious.

  • Self-reflect and/or seek guidance from a trusted teacher or mentor if they are frequently asked to make changes to their behavior or frequently injuring partners.

  • Commit to learning and growing from both their successes and mistakes as a dancer and as a member of the dance community.

  • Refrain from participating in illegal activities while at a Souvenir Swing event.

  • Avoid using perfumed products immediately before or during a Souvenir Swing event. Fragrance allergies can cause severe side effects; using unscented products is a simple way to keep our space accessible to all.

  • Report issues that you experience or witness as soon as possible (see “How to Contact Us” below); Souvenir Swing staff members are keeping an eye out during all of our events, but reports from our community are key to helping us maintain a safer space for everyone.

Addressing an Issue

If you feel wronged or feel you have witnessed wrongdoing, we want to hear about it. We welcome all opportunities, big and small, to provide education on our community’s expectations so that we can maintain a safer space for all. Reporting issues also help us monitor and address larger patterns of behavior in individuals and in the community.

  • Step 1- Make it known that you or another community member are in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation by:

    • Reporting the incident by using one of the options in the “How to Contact Us” section. Proceed to step 2.

    • Directly telling the individual(s) that their behavior is creating an uncomfortable or unsafe environment. If you choose this option and their behavior does not change, please report the incident as above.

  • Step 2- Once an incident has been reported, Souvenir Swing will respond as follows:

    • For harassment, threats, and other serious safety issues: the individual(s) causing harm will be immediately asked to leave without refund or compensation. Law enforcement may be called. Proceed to step 5.

    • For all other incidents: a Souvenir Swing staff member will have a private conversation with the individual(s) causing harm. If they acknowledge their infraction and correct their behavior immediately, the incident will be considered resolved. If not, proceed to step 3.

  • Step 3- The inidividual(s) harmed will be offered three options:

    • Participate in a restorative circle with the individual(s) causing harm, moderated by a Souvenir Swing staff member. Proceed to step 4.

    • Grant the Souvenir Swing permission to resolve the incident without their participation. Proceed to step 4.

    • Resolve the incident without involvement from Souvenir Swing.

  • Step 4- The individual(s) causing harm, others involved in the incident (if applicable; participation by individual(s) harmed and witnesses is voluntary), and a Souvenir Swing staff member will meet for a restorative circle. The goal of this process is for the individual(s) causing harm to understand the impact of their behavior and to come to an agreement about how to repair the harm they have caused. If an agreement is reached and adhered to, the incident will be considered resolved. If not, or if the individual refuses to meet with a Souvenir Swing staff member, proceed to step 5.

    • Questions for the individual(s) causing harm to reflect on:

      • What happened?

      • What were you thinking at the time?

      • Who has been affected by what you have done? In what way?

      • What do you think needs to happen to make things right?

    • Questions for the individual(s) harmed (if applicable) to reflect on:

      • What did you think when you realized what had happened?

      • What impact has this incident had on you and others?

      • What has been the hardest thing for you?

      • What do you think needs to happen to make things right?

    • Restorative actions may include:

      • Verbal or written apology to the individual(s) harmed or to the community as a whole.

      • Community service.

      • Seeking education on issues related to the incident.

  • Step 5- Taking a break from the community

    • In the case of harassment, threats, and other serious safety issues, the individual(s) causing harm will be required to take a break from the community for a minimum of six months and may be permanently banned from Souvenir Swing events. For non-lifetime bans, the individual(s) causing harm will be required to participate in a restorative circle in order to rejoin the community.

    • Involvement in more than one incident of harassment, threats, or other serious safety issues will result in an automatic, permanent ban from Souvenir Swing events.

    • If an incident is not considered resolved for any reason, the individual(s) causing harm will be required to take a break from the community until the incident is resolved.

How to Contact Us
  • Find a staff member or Dance Angel at one of our events. Staff are at the registration desk, DJ booth, and on the social floor. DANCE ANGELS PROTOCOL WILL BE COMING SOON.

  • Email us at

  • Call or text us at (208) 503-3939.

  • Use our Anonymous Incident Report Form (COMING SOON).

  • All electronic methods of contacting us are password-protected and are only accessible by Brendan Souvenir.



The original Code of Conduct that this Code of Conduct mirrors was developed by Neal Klein, Joe Mahoney, and Alli Reese for The Dancing Fools. It is modeled on codes of conduct from Dance Jam Productions, Mobtown Ballroom, Charlottesville Swing Dance Society, The Jam, and the Delaware MET, among others, with input from numerous friends and community members. Our incident response procedures are based on the principles of restorative/circle justice, a practice developed by the First Nations people of Canada and the U.S. and the Maori people of New Zealand.

Release of Liability

By purchasing Souvenir Swing's classes and attending their events, I hereby acknowledge my (or my child's, if applicable) awareness that my (or my child's) participation of my (or my child's) physical activities in West Coast Swing dance education and that such activities may involve the following (but are not limited to);
standing and walking for up to a 1.5 continuous hours, utilizing arms to create force between myself and another individual, hands being moved above eye level, and pivoting on feet to allow for rotation.

I have been informed and understand that my (or my child's, if applicable) participation in the aforementioned activities may expose me (or my child) to certain foreseeable and unforeseeable risks of damage and/or bodily injury, including serious bodily injury, where I (or they) may need to be hospitalized.

I knowingly, freely and voluntarily assume all risks and engage myself (or my child) in the participation of the above mentioned activities.

I hereby release Souvenir Swing and hired individuals from any and all liability arising out my (or my child's) participation of the above mentioned activities and hereby waive my (or my child's) rights herein to assert any claim(s) for damages, bodily injury or serious bodily injury to the fullest extend allowed by law.

I further agree that I will hold harmless Souvenir Swing and hired individuals against any and all claim(s) for damages, bodily injury or serious bodily injury arising out of or in connection of my (or my child's) participation in the above mentioned activities whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

I fully understand the terms set forth in this form, and I hereby execute this Physical Activity Release of Liability Form.

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