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Local Dance Opportunities

This page is a hub for showing other local dance communities in and outside of the Palouse.

Souvenir Swing takes pride in providing quality WCS instruction. But it is more important for each dancer to find a dance that they are passionate about. Some dancers will naturally gravitate towards other dances once they experience them, and Souvenir Swing is a strong supporter of helping dancers find their passion, in whatever dance it may be.

Within the Palouse

Salsa on the Palouse
(Rueda-style Salsa)
Swing Devils of the Palouse
(Vintage Swing)

Beyond the Palouse

Friday Night Swing Dig
(West Coast Swing)
(West Coast & Country Swing)
Spokane Swing Dance Club
(West Coast Swing)
Joy in Motion Dance Academy
(West Coast Swing)
Coeur d'Alene
Follow My Lead Studio
(Ballroom, Latin, Swing)
North Idaho/Spokane Dancing Group
(Ballroom, Latin, Swing)
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